Has your dog’s behavior got you frustrated and on the verge of giving up?
Has your dog’s behavior got you frustrated and on the verge of giving up?
Would you like to train your puppy in a gentle yet extremely effective way?

Would you like relief from the stress of your dog’s bad behavior?
Are you experiencing pulling, lunging or jumping issues that you haven’t been able to resolve no matter what you do?

Is your rescue dog still holding onto some undesirable behaviors?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, I have a very simple solution that will teach you to how to communicate and resolve behavior issues simply, naturally and highly effectively.
Welcome to an Evolution in Dog Training
Having successfully transformed the behaviors and relationships of thousands of dogs and their humans, Holistic Dog Trainer Alecia Evans began to notice certain consistent underlying patterns of behavior in the dogs as well as their owners. As a result, she created the In Sync Method of Dog Training™ which addresses the root of miscommunication in virtually all behavior issues.
The In Sync Method™ will teach you
in order to communicate in a language that your dog truly understands and is willing to follow based on a dog’s natural psychology of trust and respect. Guaranteed to transform your dog or pup’s behaviors quickly, safely and with ease. This Method will teach you how your body language is the missing link to being an authentic leader.

  •  Are you ready to experience a truly In Sync relationship with your Furry Best Friend (and learn how your behavior may be contributing to your dog’s behavior?)
  •  Are you willing to let go of the stress you have been carrying by enjoying a peaceful walk with your dog?
  •  Imagine breathing a sigh of relief as you and your dog develop a great relationship based on trust, clear communication and respect.
  •  Imagine walking with a sense of relaxation and confidence as your dog listens to you with ease and is happy to follow your lead?
Join Alecia on This
7 Week Online Journey Through
The Heart and Soul of Dog Training
to Help You Naturally
Get In Sync With Your Dog and Yourself
During this course you will learn how to Master the Inner Game of Dog Training and:
Deepen Your Bond and Relationship Through The Art of Authentic Leadership.
  •  Would you like to deepen your relationship with your dog and take it to a whole new level?
  •  Would you like your dog to listen to you because you are a worthy leader deserving of their respect not just because you have a treat?
  •  Would you like to repair the cracks in your past dog training or build a great foundation with your puppy in a natural and authentic way?
Address All Aspects of Your Dog In A Holistic Manner: The In Sync Method of Training is based on a 4 quadrant approach to learning that Alecia pioneered from working directly with thousands of dogs. While typical training teaches you about commands and treats, the In Sync Method is based on the deeper understanding of the way dogs naturally communicate but few humans truly understand and science often negates.
Transform Your Own Behaviors and Grow From The Training: Ever realize that your dog is smarter than you? Ever feel like your dog had something to tell you that would help you change your life?
The Benefits of Heart and Soul Centered Dog Training
  •  Have the deepest bond you are capable of with your dog
  •  Know how to authentically lead your dog and yourself for maximum results in minutes
  •  Learn to communicate with your dog in their most natural language (it’s trust not treats) and finally understand what your dog has been trying to tell you
  •  Feel In Sync with your dog and transform their undesirable behaviors with ease
  •  Transform your old limiting patterns into your greatest strengths 
  •  Feel confident and relaxed no matter where you and your dog are 
What You Will Learn
Week by Week in Each Module
Module 1: Mastering Inner Alignment
  • Be Here Now and Breathe
  •  Everything Is Energy
  •  How Dogs Really Communicate (It’s not anything you have been taught ever before and it’s how we all communicate- so you will not want to miss this)
  •  Why Dogs are Masters of Inner Alignment
  •  3 Keys to Clear Communication with Canines
Module 2: The Making of A Natural Leader
  •  Lessons on Consistency from Nature, the Business World, and Life
  •  Trust and Respect: The Foundation Consistency Builds
  •  Honoring Your Instincts: Why Authentic Leadership Builds The Human Animal Bond
  •  The Attraction of Natural Leadership
  •  Owning All Your Potency
  •  Love From a Dog’s Perspective
Module 3: Establishing Clear Boundaries with Your Dog
  •  Bitches Never Apologize
  •  Know and Own Your Boundaries
  •  Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
  •  Correct The Behavior Not The Being
  •  Sometimes You Say The Most By Saying The Least
  •  What Your Dog Knows About The Truth of Your Yes and No
Module 4: The Human Side of The Leash
  •  Have You Been Judging Your Dog or Yourself? Out of Judgment and Into Clarity
  •  Human Emotional Responses
  •  How Dogs Respond to Corrections
  •  Punishment vs Correction: A Vital Distinction That Changes Everything
  •  How You Can Become Your Dog’s Authentic Leader With Ease
Module 5: Honor Thy Dog, Heel Thyself
  •  Using Tools That Are Safe, Respectful and Effective
  •  Understanding The Beliefs That Your Dog Is Mirroring Back To You
  •  What Your Dog Has Been Telling You About The Behavior You Need To Change
  •  Getting In Sync with The Heart and Soul of Your Dog Training Path
Module 6: Building The Bond
  •  Making A Lasting Bond With Your Dog Through Training
  •  Being In Sync With Your Dog and Yourself
  •  Walking With DOG(GOD) Daily
Module 7: Choosing Your Path and Walking It Fully
  •  Lessons on Life Learned From Dog
  •  Mastering The Skills of Authentic Leadership From Dog
  •  Being Authentic In All Areas Of Your Life
What Clients Have to Say About Working With Alecia:
Brad and I have had four different trainers with our other dogs. We have had many shepherds in our lives and they have all been extremely good dogs. However, our one shepherd, Riley, has been a different story. He has had a different disposition. One of fear. We had seen 7 trainers and Alecia has been the only trainer that has gotten that his nervous system and constitution presented a situation we have never had to deal with before. She thoroughly understood Riley's misplaced anxiety and fear about being in charge. Her In Sync training facilitated us in seeing how Riley's behavior was triggering our own unconscious fears about owning our own authentic leadership power. Through our training with Alecia and the dogs, we have learned our part of how important it is to be present and in our own authentic and calm power. This is so huge for our family and for Riley. Alecia has given us so much. I highly recommend her for any dog situations to clear up the root of the issue.
Terrye Frisselle, Co-Owner Farenheit Spa, Aspen CO
This course has been an invaluable step in the ladder towards meeting my Inner Leader. I developed confidence not so much in relation to the dogs themselves, as in that life supports me and has my back. As a result, the dogs resonate more with me now and their behaviors have transformed themselves with ease and grace.  We have all been Heeled.                                                            
Eleni Potnia, Aegina Greece
Alecia’s In Sync Dog Training Method was a personal breakthrough for me. She and I worked together over a period of two months to train our new westie puppy. I came to see that my puppy's successful training was going to land 90% on my shoulders and about 10% on the puppy's. By helping me to access the center of my power and self love, and the power of visualization, our training sessions became a therapeutic time for me to build centeredness and self-worth, in all areas of my life as a female, business leader, mom, wife and friend. She also helped me to understand the beauty and centering power of of the daily practice with my puppy--- walking, working together, cuddling, and sharing joy. I am deeply grateful to Alecia for the insight and inspiration she shared with me. Since our work together, I feel a deep sense of happiness and self- confidence. I have come to understand  that the calling in my  heart to bring a new puppy into my family's life came from a place inside me that was longing for more joy, more play, and more peace. This work with Alecia is far beyond puppy training. It's soul work.
Kelly Alford, Owner, Kelly Alford Design, Basalt Co 
What You'll Receive:
  •  7 Live Classes and On The Spot Training With Alecia ($1,295 Value)
  •  Recording of every call and PDF transcripts
  •  Private Facebook Community to Interact and Have Any Questions Answered
  •   In Sync Method of Dog Training E- Book: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Dog’s Greatness and Your Own
In this ground breaking book, Alecia leads you through the 6 Inner Secrets that every dog wants their human to know to establish a great, natural relationship based on authentic leadership, clear boundaries, mutual respect and trust. Based on 15 years of experience as a Holistic Dog Trainer, Alecia shares with you the requirements of human side of the leash that allows you to communicate with your dog in a simple and effective way that gets maximum results.
This patented front clip harness and leash training and walking system designed by Alecia is simply the best on the market. The only design actually designed by a Professional Dog Trainer, this front clip design is safe enough to exercise and sleep and your dog or pup cannot get out of. Over 15,000 people and their dogs are Walking In Sync.
Live Classes and On The Spot Training With Alecia:
($997 Value)
With over 20 years of Professional experience working with thousands of dogs and their humans, Alecia will lead you step by step through the Inner Secrets of Dog Training so you can build a rock solid foundation as an Authentic Leader. She will share with you the same exact tools and techniques she uses that have transformed the lives of thousands of her clients around the world. 
7 Live Calls and Hot Seat Trainings

Dates: Nov 21, 28, Dec 5, 12, 19, Jan 9, and 16
Time: 5 PST, 6 MST, 7 CST, 8 EST
Location: Your living room
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Join Us for The In Sync™
Method of Dog Training
and Discover the True
Heart and Soul of Your Dog 
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P.S. - We guarantee this online course will transform you as much as it transforms your dog. 
About Alecia Evans
Alecia Evans is America’s Animal Heeler.  

If Dr. Doolittle, Dear Abbey and Tony Robbins had a love child, it would be Alecia.   She is the unique combination of Professional Holistic Dog Trainer, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer and Relationship Coach for humans and their animal companions.  

Over the last 20 years she has been using her highly developed skills of hearing and incorporating the animal’s perspective of their situation to successfully assist thousands of her clients the world over with natural, safe, effective, holistic options and education that address the root of behavior and health issues in their animals.   As a trusted translator of authentic information on behalf of the animals they began revealing their higher awareness as Animal Gurus and have asked Alecia to share their wise, powerful and profound guidance with their humans to assist them in better understanding their personal and spiritual growth paths with greater ease and peace. 

A leading innovator in the dog training world, Alecia developed the Walk In Sync™ Humane Dog Walking and Training System as the first training and walking tools available that focus on the mind/body connection of the dog to greatly aid in training and effective learning for pups and dogs while being completely respectful of their bodies. 

As the leading Holistic Dog Training expert in the country and author of:  The In Sync™ Method: 6 Secrets Your Dog Wants To Teach You To Unleash Your Greatest Potential, Alecia has been using her 6 Secrets to Authentic Female Leadership approach to successfully transform the relationship of thousands of dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments with their people to heel behaviors and misunderstandings on both ends of the leash. 
She is an award winning TV and Radio Host, featured columnist, author, lecturer and workshop presenter on Natural Dog Training.  Her work has been featured on: Fox and Friends, The Sandra Glosser Show, Plum TV and in Animal Wellness Magazine, Pup Culture Magazine. Aspen Magazine,, The New York Daily News, and Woof Report. She is the training expert for, The Big Bark, and a columnist for Pup Culture Magazine.
Alecia is the founder of National Train Humane Day, a world-wide virtual campaign to evolve the tools we use to train and walk dogs and pups to be humane and pain free.  Alecia believes prevention and proper education about the best training methods and tools will begin to limit the number of dogs given up for adoption.
She currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her dogs and horse.  She can be reached at:  visit: and
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